Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's That You Say?

I love YouTube. And not just because I can watch old footage of Irene Dunne on What's My Line?, Three's Company bloopers, or a cat spinning on a chair, but because I also get to read comments like "Die shitface!" and "I know they will [;] I was pimped once too!" 

If there is any kind of proverbial window into the general public's soul, it is the pages of comments left for videos on YouTube. A place where grammar, spelling, and composition take a mezzanine seat to giddy spelling injustices and often times, hateful emoting with cruel punctuation usage. For instance: I could not even rewrite the above comment pulled from YouTube without inserting a semicolon where one should be. 

And it really is a guess as to which video will leave which individual in a state of joy, or rage.

Not too long ago, I co-wrote and co-produced a parody of Iconoclasts in which I portrayed Amy Winehouse. My collaborator and I posted it on YouTube (after submitting it to a contest), and witnessed first hand these souls purging their every thought. Perhaps the comments would have stung a bit less if someone had informed us of Amy Winehouse's early canonization, or Pete Doherty being a rock deity (her counterpart in the film). Since this was not the case however, comments ranged from flattering, to threat level orange (high, and plausible cause for worry).

But yesterday, while searching for an old video of a critic's views on Bobby Kennedy, I came across this retaliation comment in response to another person's critique of the current administration (the GP love to have a go at it with each other by the way): 

"Why don't you calm down sir?" Just reading it again here, makes me excitable. Why don't you calm down sir!?! Well, I never...

Read any comment that made me smile more. I don't know who "lilkumarjones" is, but I like the way he thinks.

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